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Friday, March 31, 2006


Since the beginning the World of work programme, I have picked up one theme which is development. Speakers who have talked to us have emphasised that development should be in the centre of our focuss, because we live in the world that is constanlty changing and chang in most cases change is part of development.

Speakers who mostly touched on development are the ones who spoke about entrepreneuship, and those who are governmental agencies such as NEPAD and IDT. Other speakers who touched on enterpreneuship stressed that in order for one to come up with innovative ideas one should look in their communites and try to look for loop holes. One could come up with a great plan which could also generate a lot money for them, that is if they are definately sure that they want to own a business. I think that these ideas could come in handy in a few months to come since most of us have been struggling to get jobs, this might the one options that is left for some of us if we do not get interships or jobs.

This could also work in the future, who knows? One might be earning a salary that is not enough for one to make ends meet. Additional income might come in handy by running a small business on the side to try and make up for the little they earns as a salary.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Presentation Anxiety

Today my moment of truth was that I suffer from presentation anxiety. Presenting was never an issue for me because what I had to do when I was still a student and had to present, was stick to the topic that was given to me, list all the facts and I would have cracked my presenatation or pass it.

In the working environment I have discovered that evrything is presenting, when you enter your place of work you are already presenting your self, your body language, the way you carry your self, all account for presentation skills. Presention skills are skills that I did not think that I 'd have use to use in the world of work, because I am a social science student. I always thought that presentation was necessary if, one was mostly involved in the advertising indusrty or sales person trying to sell an idea or product to client. But I have realized that as a social sceince graduate I am also selling my self to the world, therefore presentation skills are very important.

Today I had a lot of practice and I think thay I have honned my presentation skills even though I can't rate myself ten out of ten (10/10) yet. With a lot of practice and confidence I will be perfect.

Interviewing skills

The presentation for today (Which is 22\03\2006) was about interviewing skills. It was somewhat nerve wrecking because Wickus and Wilhemien conducted mock interviews, this brought me to the realization that I'm not quite clued about interviews as I previously thought. It also made realize that maybe I am not ready to enter the world of employment.However what I picked up from the presentation was quite valuable and I value the time that the two consultants spent with us. They were not lenient with us, because they also told us that they would not employ any of us after the mock interviews, because we did not sell ourselve to them. They also told us that we needed a lot of practice in conducting interviews. What I have learnt from them is that interviewers are harsh and expect high standards from all candidates but I guess we all knew that. Also the interviewers are aware that interviewees get nervours, and this results in them being unable to grasp the questions that are being asked to them, that is why most of them fail interviews.My question is why then haven't anybody tried to come up with better ways, whereby candidates are made to feel comfortable during interviews so that the candidates can perform to the best of their abilities. In my opinion this will make process run easily and smoother. I can't help feel that some of the employers have lost suitable candidates, because the candidates were nervours but were best people for the job. There are people who have the gift of the gab and can actually do little work, I know that there are psychometric test to prove that the person can do the job. What I am talking about here are resources to figure out if that person is lazy or not, or how commited are they to the job. I hope this question will give employers out there something to think about.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Constitution Hill tour

The Constitution Hill tour evoked a lot of mixed feelings, the prison cells were quite scary and caused some of us to become angry. It was also heart breaking and saddening to see where our freedom fighters were held. I think that it is good though, to be reminded of what our grandparents went through in order for us to be liberated.

The presentation about project management I found it to be way out of my league. I think I should register for a degree or diploma before I can even think of embarking on that on carreer path. However I found it exciting even though I have limited knowledge of project management. Innitially I had plans in doing another cause or something different in the future. I will reconsider doing something that has to do with project management since I think that it will go hand in hand with opening my own business.

I think that it was amazing seeing something like the Constitution Hill which was used to abuse the rights of our freedom fighters turned into a venture to attract tourists and venture to heal wounds that were inflicted to the people who were fighting for our rights.

Confidence in becoming an intern

I think I speak for all of us when I say that we all have been waiting with anticipation for this afternoon session, of what do employees look for in interns. Some of the things I learned from the speaker is what I have known before the presentation, but the speaker was frank and concise about what he expects from the intern. http://www.career.uci.edu/employers/employers-internship-events.aspx

The presentation pointed me towards the right direction, of what I should expect from being an intern. Now I know that I just don't have to sit and expect the company to dish up whatever experience they think they can give me and from then, move on without gaining any anything I expected to gain.

At the moment I am reseaching companies that will help me utilize my skills, whether they are NGO's or government companies it does not matter as long they will help me gain the experience that I need. I am ready to face up to the challenges.

The issue of HIV/AIDS

We all know that the issue if HIV/Aids has become a major problem in all spheres of life. Fortunately the government has taken in its stride to try and make life easier for people who are affected and infected. He has however failed in many instances to try and provide people who are infected with ARV'S, http://lists.essential.org/pipermail/ip-health/2003-novemmber/005650.html . At the same time the Government has also been successful in implementing labour policies that protects employees who are infected by the virus.

The valuable lesson that I learnt from the presentation, is that South Africa has a long way to go when it comes to taking leadership and coming with policies that are consistent in tryong to combat the problem of HIV. I also realize that one has to become vigilant in order not to contract the virus, because in South Africa we are still dealing with the issue stigamatizing the virus, also not many hospitals especially, the ones in the rural areas have exparience in the rolling out of the ARV's.

One should also think of the future whereby one will be CEO of a company and alomst a quater of your staff is infected with virus, this means that one will be running his business on a loss. Many of your staff will be taking sick leave, and this means that one will have to hire out temporary workers who will repalce the sick staff. I think that This is one of many reasons why one has to take responsibilty when it comes to the issue of HIV/Aids.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Collaborating with fellow competitors

The presentation on Friday was about competition, collaboration and coorperation, I must say the presentation was intense and complicated. Most of the terms which were used were Business Economics like, I struggled with Business Economics at high school that is why I didn't persue Business Economics at terriary level. Now imagine me in that presenation, I felt like I was doing an MBA course. I struggled to understand the presentation, but I did get the whole idea of competition, collaboration and coorperation.

I thought that the presentation was going to be about how to handle competion at work level, or how to compete for a position or promotion at work. never did I expect it to be about becoming enterpreneurs or how to compete in a business sense. However, the presentation as a whole was very enlightening, especially when it came to the discussion of clusters. I didn't know that many businesses were located at various places for reasons. I also did not know that it is not complicted to open a business venture that is similar to the one that already exist in the same location, what one needs to know is how to coorperate.

I always wanted to open a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) but, I was put off by the fact that many of them exist almost every where. I didn't think that coorperation could come in handy. All I need now is to come up with an innovative ideas and make my B&B fresh and out of this world.

Creativity and blogging

On Wednesday, the presentations were about creativity and blogging. I think that these two topics were somehow linked because they were done by the same person, and in order for a person to create exciting bloggs, one actually needs to be creative. I was hoping that my third blog would be exciting after the presentation about blogging but I suppose I am still struggling with being creative.

I want to create a blog that is controversial but at the same time, sells me to the potential employees out there. I am afraid that Roy Blumenthal really set high standards when it comes to blogging and I am even hesitant to go even further with blogging in case he declares me a waffler. To cut things short I am just going to describe the exparience I had in Roy's class. He is very active and full of confidence, which I think some of it rubbed off me. I am starting to like blogging since Roy outlined some of the issues we could blog about but I am still scared to do so, in case I step in some people toes.

Roy really boosted my confidence I have actually started writing poems which I think I might share with my fellow bloggers in the near future. I made an introspection about myself as to what kind of person I am and what kind of a job I want to do.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I apologise that it took me this long to post another blog. I was trying to settle into the training first, things have been very interesting and hectic. On my fisrt day of the internship training I lost my brother and I got distracted a little bit. Then I realised that I had to be strong because I believed that this was my only chance of ever getting into the world of work.

The second day of the Internship training we did was Emotional intelligence, and that was the day that I thought of not coming because of the emotions that I went through, however my parents encouraged me to come because there was actually nothing I could do, my father also went to work. I am glad that I decided to come to the training because that was the day I got to learn how to use my emotions intelligently. It worked only for few hours and when I went to fetch a taxi to take me home I recieved a call from a friend who wanted to know how my brother was doing after that accident, I had to retell the strory to her that he didn't make it, he had passed on. I went through the emotions of grief all over again and cried.

I'm glad though that I attended the training on Tuesday, and others that came after that, I'm now able handle my emotions a little, by focusing on the presentations, it makes me forget of what I am going through.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My fears and insecurities

Hi my name is Yoliswa Mawela I just got accepted into the scholarship internship programme. I have been nervous since I started applying for the internship programme, probably because I knew that this is one step for me through the world of work. The whole week has been filled with anxiety and nerve wrecking moments because of the interview I had to attend in order for me to be awarded the the scholarship training. Since the beginning of the week I have been doubting my abilities because of high standards and requirements of the internship.

The required tasks were were supposed to be accurate and very proffessional. Lesley Emanuel, my mentor demands professionalism at avery aspect of the programme. This is one of the factors that forced me to realize that, she meant serious bussiness by demanding accuracy and professionalism. That made me realize that in the world of employment there is no playing and lazying around.

My fear in the internship training is that I won't be able to excel in the tasks that I will be given to perform. I also fear that I won't be able to measure up to the standard that has been set for the trainees. I further hope that I am not the only one who is suffering from insecurities that I just described. Hopefully I will get the support that I need from Lesley and fellow trainees.