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Monday, March 27, 2006

Confidence in becoming an intern

I think I speak for all of us when I say that we all have been waiting with anticipation for this afternoon session, of what do employees look for in interns. Some of the things I learned from the speaker is what I have known before the presentation, but the speaker was frank and concise about what he expects from the intern. http://www.career.uci.edu/employers/employers-internship-events.aspx

The presentation pointed me towards the right direction, of what I should expect from being an intern. Now I know that I just don't have to sit and expect the company to dish up whatever experience they think they can give me and from then, move on without gaining any anything I expected to gain.

At the moment I am reseaching companies that will help me utilize my skills, whether they are NGO's or government companies it does not matter as long they will help me gain the experience that I need. I am ready to face up to the challenges.


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    Hello Yoli, I agree with you Gordon surely brought-up our confidence.It is good to have a two-way communication between an employer and employee. In this way I think it ensures a convivial working situation with no pessimism and hidden agenda.

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