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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Constitution Hill tour

The Constitution Hill tour evoked a lot of mixed feelings, the prison cells were quite scary and caused some of us to become angry. It was also heart breaking and saddening to see where our freedom fighters were held. I think that it is good though, to be reminded of what our grandparents went through in order for us to be liberated.

The presentation about project management I found it to be way out of my league. I think I should register for a degree or diploma before I can even think of embarking on that on carreer path. However I found it exciting even though I have limited knowledge of project management. Innitially I had plans in doing another cause or something different in the future. I will reconsider doing something that has to do with project management since I think that it will go hand in hand with opening my own business.

I think that it was amazing seeing something like the Constitution Hill which was used to abuse the rights of our freedom fighters turned into a venture to attract tourists and venture to heal wounds that were inflicted to the people who were fighting for our rights.


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