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Friday, March 31, 2006


Since the beginning the World of work programme, I have picked up one theme which is development. Speakers who have talked to us have emphasised that development should be in the centre of our focuss, because we live in the world that is constanlty changing and chang in most cases change is part of development.

Speakers who mostly touched on development are the ones who spoke about entrepreneuship, and those who are governmental agencies such as NEPAD and IDT. Other speakers who touched on enterpreneuship stressed that in order for one to come up with innovative ideas one should look in their communites and try to look for loop holes. One could come up with a great plan which could also generate a lot money for them, that is if they are definately sure that they want to own a business. I think that these ideas could come in handy in a few months to come since most of us have been struggling to get jobs, this might the one options that is left for some of us if we do not get interships or jobs.

This could also work in the future, who knows? One might be earning a salary that is not enough for one to make ends meet. Additional income might come in handy by running a small business on the side to try and make up for the little they earns as a salary.


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