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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Interviewing skills

The presentation for today (Which is 22\03\2006) was about interviewing skills. It was somewhat nerve wrecking because Wickus and Wilhemien conducted mock interviews, this brought me to the realization that I'm not quite clued about interviews as I previously thought. It also made realize that maybe I am not ready to enter the world of employment.However what I picked up from the presentation was quite valuable and I value the time that the two consultants spent with us. They were not lenient with us, because they also told us that they would not employ any of us after the mock interviews, because we did not sell ourselve to them. They also told us that we needed a lot of practice in conducting interviews. What I have learnt from them is that interviewers are harsh and expect high standards from all candidates but I guess we all knew that. Also the interviewers are aware that interviewees get nervours, and this results in them being unable to grasp the questions that are being asked to them, that is why most of them fail interviews.My question is why then haven't anybody tried to come up with better ways, whereby candidates are made to feel comfortable during interviews so that the candidates can perform to the best of their abilities. In my opinion this will make process run easily and smoother. I can't help feel that some of the employers have lost suitable candidates, because the candidates were nervours but were best people for the job. There are people who have the gift of the gab and can actually do little work, I know that there are psychometric test to prove that the person can do the job. What I am talking about here are resources to figure out if that person is lazy or not, or how commited are they to the job. I hope this question will give employers out there something to think about.


  • At 2:34 PM, Blogger Roy Blumenthal said…

    Hi Yoli...

    Think of your blog as one vast interview, an interview that you TOTALLY control, in every aspect.

    Then when you get to ACTUAL interviews, live, face-to-face interviews, remember how you crafted your blog.

    Which means you've gotta do spell checks. Find the correct spelling for 'nervours'. Then correct it in the blog.

    You've asked employers to take cognisance of the fact that interviewees are nervous. And you're positing that they're losing valuable people because of that.

    I would say that you need to do quite a lot of thinking about that statement. It sounds very much like this: 'Oh, please take pity on me! Just give me a CHANCE to prove myself to you.'

    But the real question is this: 'Why SHOULD an employer be lenient to an interviewee just cos they're nervous?' Surely the inability of an interviewee to think under pressure is a NEGATIVE thing???

    Blue skies

    PS: Please change your comments setting to allow anyone to post comments.


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