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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Presentation Anxiety

Today my moment of truth was that I suffer from presentation anxiety. Presenting was never an issue for me because what I had to do when I was still a student and had to present, was stick to the topic that was given to me, list all the facts and I would have cracked my presenatation or pass it.

In the working environment I have discovered that evrything is presenting, when you enter your place of work you are already presenting your self, your body language, the way you carry your self, all account for presentation skills. Presention skills are skills that I did not think that I 'd have use to use in the world of work, because I am a social science student. I always thought that presentation was necessary if, one was mostly involved in the advertising indusrty or sales person trying to sell an idea or product to client. But I have realized that as a social sceince graduate I am also selling my self to the world, therefore presentation skills are very important.

Today I had a lot of practice and I think thay I have honned my presentation skills even though I can't rate myself ten out of ten (10/10) yet. With a lot of practice and confidence I will be perfect.


  • At 12:02 AM, Blogger Roy Blumenthal said…

    Hiya Yoli...

    Presentation anxiety is a good thing.

    I'm a seasoned performance poet, with somewhere in the region of 500 performances. And I was on the radio every week for 8 years.

    And before EVERY single show, I STILLLLL shake like a leaf!

    When I present my creativity seminars, I have to do tai chi in the garden beforehand to calm myself down.

    I regard the anxiety as my friend. I use it to generate energy for my presentations. And to keep me on my toes.


    I recommend a book to you. It's on that booklist I handed out to you guys. It's called SELLING FOR DUMMIES by Tom Hopkins. Buy that book. It WILL ground you in the most important skill you'll need in the business world, AND in life. Selling.


    On another note... It's NOT important to be 10/10 or perfect in presenting. It's much more important to be passionate and real. Some people are NOT great presenters, but they get their message across.

    Blue skies


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