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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yoli's resume online-- Updated 18 April

Yoliswa Mawela – Curriculum Vitae
No. 90-9th Avenue, Mid-Ennerdale, 1830
Home tel: (011) 211 2165 Cell: 073 198 4261
Email: mawelay@hse.pg.wits.ac.za or mawelayoliswa@yahoo.co.uk

Career objectives
To gain a challenging entry-level position in Social Sciences that utilizes my analytical, research and communication skills. I aim for a career in the field of diplomacy.


University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (2004)
Bachelor of Arts Honours (Forced Migrations)

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (2000-2003)
Bachelor of Arts
Political Studies, International Relations
Other courses
Psychology, Information Technology, English Literature, Applied English Language Studies

Gamble Street Uitenhage (1997-1999)
Highest grade passed: Grade 12
English (2nd language), Xhosa (1st language) Biology, History, Biblical Studies (all Higher Grade), Business Economics (Standard Grade)

Special achievements and honours
Head Girl and award in Biblical Studies


University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (2001)
Organiser of (SRC) Elections
Tasks and responsibilities - Office work, filing, data capturing

Metro Cash and Carry (1997-1999)
Tasks and responsibilities - Stock taking

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (2004)
Researcher at Home Affairs at Rosettenville (Refugees Reception office)
Finding out if the system used at Rosettenville for refugees was efficient.
Tasks and responsibilities - Compiling research, analysing data, writing reports

Skills Windows 2000, Windows XP, MS Word, MS Front Page, MS Power Point, Internet Explorer, report writing, interviewing skills, web designing, research

Languages English, Xhosa, Zulu, Setswana

Interests Reading and sports (netball, long jump, athletics)

Referees details are available on request.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


On Wednesday I went for an interview at National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) Http://www.nedlac.org.za/ . It was very nerve wrecking and as result I messed up the interview. I could not string a sentence together and I spoke very fast because of the nerves. When I reflect back on the day of the interview, I realize that my nerves were based on fact that I did not trust my self enough to do my best in the interview. Also I do not think that I prepared my self enough for the interview because I only had half a day to prepare for it, and I started preparing only after the (CSVR) presentation.

I know that this was not an excuse for messing up the interview but I feel that, had I had enough time to prepare and do mock interviews on my own I would have been fine. And also, the fact that I wanted to do an internship at DeBeers so badly did not make it any easier in calming down my nerves.

One thing I learned from this experience is that nerves are a good thing because they keep you focused and show that what ever it is that is making you nervous you take it seriously, and you want to prove yourself badly that you are the best person for the job. However, too many nerves are destructive because you can’t concentrate and you end up destrying your performance abilities. I received advice from people such as Roy on how to deal with nerves and it is working already, and hopefully I won’t mess up the next interview.

Internship opportunities at CSVR

A representative from Centre of the study of violence and reconciliation (CSVR) www.csvr.org.za came to speak to us about internship opportunities in their organization. Most of us as internship trainees were interested since most of us are post graduates and have a background in research and social issues that deal with different communities.

The lady from CVSR spoke about different researches that they have conducted, the area that I was interested in, are issues that affect refugees in South Africa. Since I have done refugees studies in an Honours level I think I can do an internship at this field in CSVR. But I do not think I can only add value in the refugees’ issues only, I can do research in every aspect of social issues in order to broaden my knowledge and my skills.

I have heard that it is very competitive to be accepted at CSVR and priorities are given to candidates who have a masters and PhD’s. Beyond that candidates have to also convince them as to how good they are and what value they can add in their organization. I suppose that I do not have a chance being accepted because I only have an Honors degree. I would have loved to an internship with CSVR because it relates to the field of my study, and it is rare these days to work in your field of study.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Tracy Rowe spoke to us about professionalism, and what I realized was that everything she told us we already knew, the problem is that I personally believe that I was to lazy to implement them. For example when I had to submit essays, I knew I had to have extra copies in case the essay went missing or something unexpected happens but I did not do it, because for me it seemed like hassle and too much work.

During Tracy’s presentation I realized that some of the things that I just mentioned are part of being a professional, and had I taken some of those habits with me during my varsity days I would be halfway to being a professional. Had she also came to speak to us about being professionalism during the first two weeks of the internship programme I think I would not be behind with my bloggs.

But the fact remains that I knew this stuff, but I was too ignorant to practice them, and now I regret it because of some of the reasons I do not want to through. But I must say it does take a dedicated person to commit to things that she or he passionate about. I am passionate about making myself employable out there and selling my skills, therefore I am going to change my mindset and start behaving like the professional.

Friday, April 07, 2006

More opportunities for interns

A lot of companies have come to speak to the world of work trainees about possible opportunities of becoming interns in their companies, and suddenly it seemed as if there is a silver linning after all at the end of the tunnel. Because most of us have been looking for a chance of becoming interns in organisations or companies that are interested in giving graduates a chance of gaining experience and further develop their skills by being exposing them to the practicality of work. The first company to present in the mornig was Endevour, it was more linked to the entrepreneurship side of things.

The companies that were more interesting to me were IDT and and Social Surveys Africa. These companies were interesting to me, because for one, I liked the way IDT presented their organisation, they showed us their different departments and what their responsibilities entailed. That way we were all able to see whether we could fit into some of the different departments and what skills or ideas we could introduce to them. I was also interested in the fact that they were dealing with development in the rural areas, and this is my area of interest.

Social survey Africa dealt more about reseach, again this is my area of interest since I have done reseach and I think I would be happy there because they also deal with social issues that affect the community amongst other things. I am not implying that I am not interested in a corporate career, I am just saying that I am interested in the development field because I can relate to it much more easily as opposed to the corporate field. Hopefully the companies that have presented will be interested in us and be willing to give us a chance to become interns in their companies.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Since most of us not going to be employed, I think that Entrepreneuship will save us. Most of us have ideas but lack the confidence and the drive to do establish ourselves as enterpreneurs.
The presentation that we had gave us the correct direction in which we could take if we want to start our own companies. Since most of us have degrees in humanities or social sciences, I think an area we could focus on would be development.

What is most interesting, is that these days entrepreneuship invloves a lot of dimensions such as selling your self and your expertise by this I do not mean atttorneys, medical doctors and so. I am talking about my self as post graduate I can offer a lot expertise in many sectors such as conduct reseach, be a consultant, be a project leader and so on. My fellow coleagues and I are in the internship programme could open a company based on the differents skills and services that I just mentioned above. In the internship programme we have people who are qualified in communications, reseach, others are economist and the list goes on.

In the entreprneurship presentation I did not only gain valuable experience but I gained a lot of contacts who can help and advice about how to get funding on establishing a company. This will act as a support mechanism for me knowing that whenever I want to improve my services I will know what to do and who to go to, to help me come up with innovative ideas.