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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Since most of us not going to be employed, I think that Entrepreneuship will save us. Most of us have ideas but lack the confidence and the drive to do establish ourselves as enterpreneurs.
The presentation that we had gave us the correct direction in which we could take if we want to start our own companies. Since most of us have degrees in humanities or social sciences, I think an area we could focus on would be development.

What is most interesting, is that these days entrepreneuship invloves a lot of dimensions such as selling your self and your expertise by this I do not mean atttorneys, medical doctors and so. I am talking about my self as post graduate I can offer a lot expertise in many sectors such as conduct reseach, be a consultant, be a project leader and so on. My fellow coleagues and I are in the internship programme could open a company based on the differents skills and services that I just mentioned above. In the internship programme we have people who are qualified in communications, reseach, others are economist and the list goes on.

In the entreprneurship presentation I did not only gain valuable experience but I gained a lot of contacts who can help and advice about how to get funding on establishing a company. This will act as a support mechanism for me knowing that whenever I want to improve my services I will know what to do and who to go to, to help me come up with innovative ideas.


  • At 4:13 AM, Blogger Psychewellbeing said…

    Hi Yoliswa. I do believe that being an entrepreneur you have to be resourceful and brave enough. But don't you think socio-economic factors such as financial support can disadvantage you from being an entrepreneurship. I learn that it is often difficult to have financial backing for your business plan. I am planning to work for a while and save and invest my money.


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