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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Internship opportunities at CSVR

A representative from Centre of the study of violence and reconciliation (CSVR) www.csvr.org.za came to speak to us about internship opportunities in their organization. Most of us as internship trainees were interested since most of us are post graduates and have a background in research and social issues that deal with different communities.

The lady from CVSR spoke about different researches that they have conducted, the area that I was interested in, are issues that affect refugees in South Africa. Since I have done refugees studies in an Honours level I think I can do an internship at this field in CSVR. But I do not think I can only add value in the refugees’ issues only, I can do research in every aspect of social issues in order to broaden my knowledge and my skills.

I have heard that it is very competitive to be accepted at CSVR and priorities are given to candidates who have a masters and PhD’s. Beyond that candidates have to also convince them as to how good they are and what value they can add in their organization. I suppose that I do not have a chance being accepted because I only have an Honors degree. I would have loved to an internship with CSVR because it relates to the field of my study, and it is rare these days to work in your field of study.


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