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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


On Wednesday I went for an interview at National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac) Http://www.nedlac.org.za/ . It was very nerve wrecking and as result I messed up the interview. I could not string a sentence together and I spoke very fast because of the nerves. When I reflect back on the day of the interview, I realize that my nerves were based on fact that I did not trust my self enough to do my best in the interview. Also I do not think that I prepared my self enough for the interview because I only had half a day to prepare for it, and I started preparing only after the (CSVR) presentation.

I know that this was not an excuse for messing up the interview but I feel that, had I had enough time to prepare and do mock interviews on my own I would have been fine. And also, the fact that I wanted to do an internship at DeBeers so badly did not make it any easier in calming down my nerves.

One thing I learned from this experience is that nerves are a good thing because they keep you focused and show that what ever it is that is making you nervous you take it seriously, and you want to prove yourself badly that you are the best person for the job. However, too many nerves are destructive because you can’t concentrate and you end up destrying your performance abilities. I received advice from people such as Roy on how to deal with nerves and it is working already, and hopefully I won’t mess up the next interview.


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