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Friday, April 07, 2006

More opportunities for interns

A lot of companies have come to speak to the world of work trainees about possible opportunities of becoming interns in their companies, and suddenly it seemed as if there is a silver linning after all at the end of the tunnel. Because most of us have been looking for a chance of becoming interns in organisations or companies that are interested in giving graduates a chance of gaining experience and further develop their skills by being exposing them to the practicality of work. The first company to present in the mornig was Endevour, it was more linked to the entrepreneurship side of things.

The companies that were more interesting to me were IDT and and Social Surveys Africa. These companies were interesting to me, because for one, I liked the way IDT presented their organisation, they showed us their different departments and what their responsibilities entailed. That way we were all able to see whether we could fit into some of the different departments and what skills or ideas we could introduce to them. I was also interested in the fact that they were dealing with development in the rural areas, and this is my area of interest.

Social survey Africa dealt more about reseach, again this is my area of interest since I have done reseach and I think I would be happy there because they also deal with social issues that affect the community amongst other things. I am not implying that I am not interested in a corporate career, I am just saying that I am interested in the development field because I can relate to it much more easily as opposed to the corporate field. Hopefully the companies that have presented will be interested in us and be willing to give us a chance to become interns in their companies.


  • At 4:19 AM, Blogger Psychewellbeing said…

    I just want to say I also liked hearing about different organisation and their modus operandi. It was interesting to know about organisations like: Social Surveys, Nedla, IDT etc.


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