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Monday, April 10, 2006


Tracy Rowe spoke to us about professionalism, and what I realized was that everything she told us we already knew, the problem is that I personally believe that I was to lazy to implement them. For example when I had to submit essays, I knew I had to have extra copies in case the essay went missing or something unexpected happens but I did not do it, because for me it seemed like hassle and too much work.

During Tracy’s presentation I realized that some of the things that I just mentioned are part of being a professional, and had I taken some of those habits with me during my varsity days I would be halfway to being a professional. Had she also came to speak to us about being professionalism during the first two weeks of the internship programme I think I would not be behind with my bloggs.

But the fact remains that I knew this stuff, but I was too ignorant to practice them, and now I regret it because of some of the reasons I do not want to through. But I must say it does take a dedicated person to commit to things that she or he passionate about. I am passionate about making myself employable out there and selling my skills, therefore I am going to change my mindset and start behaving like the professional.


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