Yoli's World

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Short cuts

The news letter that I was working on got sent back in order for me to make corrections. I had left out some stuff because it was beyond my control, I could not get much information on the issues I was suppose to report on and my deadline had arrived so I decided to leave that few information out. Now I am back to being under pressure because I still have a few deadlines in addition to the correction that I have to make. All in all, the newsletter is not bad for a first timer like me, I was expecting a lot corrections that I needed to make but to my surprise it was just minor issues. I think that next time when I am required to make another newsletter I will do a better job because I know what I have to do and I know my colleagues a little better so it is going to be easier to request information from them.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Relief at last

Finally I completed the newsletter that I had to put together, I feel so relieved but not completely. I am not completely relieved because my supervisor has yet to look at it and I hope that she likes it because I worked so hard on it despite the fact that I had no experience in putting together a newsletter before. Whatever happens I told myself that I am hear to learn so I have to take whatever criticism she is going to give me.

In the meantime can any of you assist me with a list of NGOs from Johannesburg and Cape Town? I am assisting someone to put together an n invitation for the workshop of corporate social responsibility. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Meeting deadlines

I am starting to settle at AICC and already feel like I am part of the family. I was told today that I’d have to put together a newsletter (AICC April –May issue) news letter. Fear came took over me instantly, I have never done newsletter before in my life where am I going to begin? Then I remembered that I am here to learn new things and this is part of my education. A young lady by the name of Laurel gave me a guide to follow and she also advised me to look at the AICC past newsletters so that I can have a clear idea as to where I am going.

At the moment I am trying to put together articles that I can use for newsletter, this means asking colleagues if they have contributions that they wish to see in the April – May issue. I am still waiting for their responses. Some of the colleagues I have not met because they are in Malawi. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have something to work on because the newsletter is due on Friday. If you want to view our previous newsletters you can log on to www.aiccafrica.org.

Failing in Time Management

Since I have arrived at AICC I have been busy hence I have not been blogging. Things at the AICC are hectic and I am learning new things every day. On my first week I was helping with the team who are working on the Novib project. And I must say that I was very excited to be told that I was going to be part of the project. So at the moment I am busy with the project and the news letter. Seventy percent of my work is the Novib project and thirty percent on the AICC newsletter.

Since I have never been involved in large projects before, I must say that during the first couple of days I felt nervous as I always do when I am faced with unfamiliar projects but it got better with time. The project that I am doing requires me to be able to multi task, which is something I thought I was able to do. But lately I have discovered that I was fooling myself because I find myself trying to catch up with my tasks, which are my blogs, trying to finish the AICC newsletter and work on the project at the same time. I find myself neglecting something else which this time is the Novib project and blogging.

I am trying to practice time management which I was taught at the internship training but I keep on failing. Clearly there is something that I am doing wrong and I am still trying to find out what is it. My answer to this problem is that I am trying so much to do a perfect job that I end up wasting time on one project, which in turn I end up concentrating in that one thing and neglecting other things.