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Monday, June 12, 2006

Failing in Time Management

Since I have arrived at AICC I have been busy hence I have not been blogging. Things at the AICC are hectic and I am learning new things every day. On my first week I was helping with the team who are working on the Novib project. And I must say that I was very excited to be told that I was going to be part of the project. So at the moment I am busy with the project and the news letter. Seventy percent of my work is the Novib project and thirty percent on the AICC newsletter.

Since I have never been involved in large projects before, I must say that during the first couple of days I felt nervous as I always do when I am faced with unfamiliar projects but it got better with time. The project that I am doing requires me to be able to multi task, which is something I thought I was able to do. But lately I have discovered that I was fooling myself because I find myself trying to catch up with my tasks, which are my blogs, trying to finish the AICC newsletter and work on the project at the same time. I find myself neglecting something else which this time is the Novib project and blogging.

I am trying to practice time management which I was taught at the internship training but I keep on failing. Clearly there is something that I am doing wrong and I am still trying to find out what is it. My answer to this problem is that I am trying so much to do a perfect job that I end up wasting time on one project, which in turn I end up concentrating in that one thing and neglecting other things.


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