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Monday, June 12, 2006

Meeting deadlines

I am starting to settle at AICC and already feel like I am part of the family. I was told today that I’d have to put together a newsletter (AICC April –May issue) news letter. Fear came took over me instantly, I have never done newsletter before in my life where am I going to begin? Then I remembered that I am here to learn new things and this is part of my education. A young lady by the name of Laurel gave me a guide to follow and she also advised me to look at the AICC past newsletters so that I can have a clear idea as to where I am going.

At the moment I am trying to put together articles that I can use for newsletter, this means asking colleagues if they have contributions that they wish to see in the April – May issue. I am still waiting for their responses. Some of the colleagues I have not met because they are in Malawi. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have something to work on because the newsletter is due on Friday. If you want to view our previous newsletters you can log on to www.aiccafrica.org.


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