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Monday, July 31, 2006

Taking full responsibility for my actions

Lat week I was asked to send out the AICC with another intern whose job is to send out the mailing list. I told myself that it was her job to send out thing like invitations, newsletter reports and so on so let me let her do her job. After a couple of minutes I am called in to the CEO’s office and get reprimanded for doing sending out a cover note without closure.

I was very upset and not to mention embarrassed because in the first place it was my first time sending out the Newsletter and I did not know how it was done. I apologised to my CEO and promised that it will never happen again. I kept telling myself that it is her fault because it was her job to send out things to the clients who are in our mailing list and she should have known better. When I got home I reassessed the situation and discovered it was really my fault because I am the one who is responsible for the Newsletter and I should have made sure that it was sent out the proper way. Besides I also have to find out how our database works so that in future when I am asked to send out something like an invitation and so on I know how to do it. Therefore I am taking full responsibility for the carelessness.


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